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The Bartlett Summer Show family day 23 June 2019

The Bartlett Summer Show brings some family friendly fun to London this June.

This year’s Bartlett Summer Show Family Day will explore the theme of boundaries, with workshops led by artists, designers and creatives. Each workshop is suitable for young people aged 4-14 to enjoy with their parents or guardians, and is structured on a drop-in basis.

Creating our Future City

Test and make your vision of our future cities and natural environments, using collaborative model-making, with The Bartlett’s Robert Newcombe. Sustainability, identity, citizenship and other current issues in design and architecture will be explored using an interactive toolkit that supports all skill-levels of making.

Look No Hands

Be part of a collective 3D drawing where the studio becomes the landscape to design and draw at full scale. Explore the process of drawing not with your hands but with your whole body, by ‘mis-using’ everyday objects and clothes to create new and strange drawing tools. By the end of the day a set of new tools for architects will be produced, along with a new 3D drawn space to occupy. This workshop will be led by Felicity Barbur and Kirsty McMullan in collaboration with The Bakerloos.

Ice Cream Architecture

Work with artists and architects from STORE Projects to push the boundaries of the building process and discover how architecture can inspire designs for eating. Play with scale, texture and colour in a series of activities, then turn your ideas into ice cream cones!

When: 23 June 2019 from 11am til 4pm
Tickets: free more info here.

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