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Serpentine Galleries family Weekend: Buildings in Common

Explore architecture and buildings during this family weekend at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park on the 10th & 11th August 2019.

Artists One Of My Kind (OOMK) invite children and their families to come together to think about the buildings we want and need. Where are the spaces for health, living, education and play in the city?

One Of My Kind (OOMK) will create a temporary interactive printing press, inviting families to identify the urban challenges we face and use collage and drawing to design new buildings to improve our city. Using the risograph printer, children and their families can produce multiple prints of their designs, add to a collective cityscape and distribute proposals to friends and family. 

OOMK are the 2019 Serpentine Family Artists-in-Residence. Over the course of the year, OOMK will develop -in Common, a series of workshops bringing together children and adults to explore the idea of the commons – the cultural and natural resources that can be used by all members of society. Through their residency they aim to support and sustain a renewed responsibility for each other and the natural world.

There is also the Serpentine Pavilion designed by Junya Ishigami which you can stand underneath and admire until 6 October.

The event is FREE and running on 10th til 11th August with drop-ins from 1 til 5pm on both days and suitable for families with children of all ages.