Parents reveal the chores that kids love (and loathe!)

Convincing children to ‘make the bed’ is the hardest chore to get children to complete whilst 83% of parents agree the easiest chore is to ‘feed pets’.

A mum’s ‘age appropriate chore guide for kids’ recently went viral when it suggested children as young as two should pull their weight around the house.  (Make bed, help wipe up messes and dust are just some of the recommendations in the 2-3 years category.)

While encouraging toddlers to dust might be a step too far, it can be argued chores are good for kids. After all, being a part of the routine work of running a household helps children develop an awareness of the needs of others, writes The New York Times in their aptly titled article “Happy Children Do Chores.”

With this in mind, End of Tenancy Cleaning London conducted a survey* to find out how easy it is for parents to get their children – of varying age and gender – to complete different chores. 

The chore parents find easiest to get their children to complete at home is feed pets, with 83% of participants agreeing so. Followed by put toys away (75%) and water plants (71%.) 

End of Tenancy Cleaning London discovered tidy-up activities like hoover / sweep up crumbs (63%), pile books and magazines (60%) and wipe up spills (51%) to be in the ‘neutral zone’, with just a touch of encouragement needed from parents in order for children to comply.  

Things get trickier when it comes to convincing kids to empty bin (20%), put dirty clothes in hamper (19%) and wash plastic dishes / cups at sink, with just 15% of parents admitting this is an easy chore to get their children to complete. 

However, nothing compares to asking little ones to make the bed! In fact, make bed was ranked last in the chores list collated by End of Tenancy Cleaning London; just 9% of respondents claimed their kids would complete this task with minimal fuss. 

Many of the parents who participated in the survey said the most common argument against this chore is: kids “don’t see the point” in making up the bed, when it is going to get messy every night!

Several example quotes taken from survey participants:

Loryn: For my Freja, the easiest is definitely setting the table for dinner. But we have a reward system; whenever she completes a chore, she gets a coin in her piggy bank. I think she loves doing it because she feels a sense of achievement and earns a little tuck shop money.

Christine: Sweeping the floor and putting out the rubbish!

Jennifer: My boy is only 3 but he enjoys helping with polishing – anything that involves a spray actually. He’ll even clean the windows!

Lauren: The kids HATE doing the pots and much prefer things like hoovering or taking the bins outside. They really like something that finishes the room off – wiping the table down, plumping the pillows or spraying air freshener!

Carolyn: Unpacking the dishwater. But, I’m always ready to replace the crocks!

Azar: It’s all about getting them involved in the cooking and shopping. They love to feel included. 

*Just under 2,500 (2,424) parents took part in the survey, which asked participants to select chores based on how easy it is to get their children to complete them. Survey participants children varied in age and gender. 

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