The Young Londoner finds his balance

In our quest to share our love of cycling with the young Londoner we tested a balance bike and here is our review of the B-Twin Runride 900.
The Young Londoner on his B-Twin Runride 900 Balance Bike

We are cyclists in this household. In the summer there is nothing better than jumping on our bikes and spending the days outdoors riding through London’s Parks, stopping along the way for a picnic, stomps around playgrounds or splashing fun in a water fountain. As a household we already own a lot of cycling paraphernalia that includes trailers and a specially adapted child seat for the electric bike (I really meant it when I said we were cycling enthusiasts!)  

Our toddler loves to go out on adventures on the bike and we thought a balance bike would be a great way to introduce him to cycling by himself. We opted for the B-Twin Runride 900 12 inch bike from Decathlon which is ideal for his height of 100cm and the adjustable saddle means that the bike adapts to your growing toddler meaning he can have lots of adventures on this until he is 4 and ready for a pedal bike.

The balance bike arrived and we all got involved in putting it together; it was very simple and easy to assemble. An over excited toddler got his helmet on and off we went to test it out. The young Londoner took to his new bike like a duck to water. Initially he pushed the bike along with his feet, a bit unsure and unsteady. Within a few days he was pushing and then gliding, lifting his legs up as the momentum gained and steering like a pro. Within a month of having the bike he is confident climbing uphill with the bike as well as riding along the skater bumps at speed and giggling with the wind in his hair. We can barely keep up when we are on foot alongside him.

Riding in the rain

The B-Twin 500 is lightweight enough so that it can be carried around by parents should the toddler get distracted by other exciting activities (like puddles!) but it is still very durable, should your child have a few bumps and drops or simply decide to get super enthusiastic about the aforementioned puddle and drop the bike within it!

The balance bike offers a great way to get the kids started on kids crucial life skills; like balance and road safety! Cycling is great for general well being too as it boosts brain power, benefits cardiovascular health and is kind to the environment. Its a practical way to get around and a fun activity for the family to enjoy together.

Gliding on grass

So far our B-Twin 500 has provided us with endless hours of fun and created many fond memories in the short month that we have had the pleasure of balancing on it whether in sunshine or in the rain. Our child’s confidence has grown and he is beginning to get the hang of the handbrake too (rather than just using his feet!)

The B-Twin Runride 900 is available to purchase from Decathlon at £69.99 here.

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