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Rise and Fall at Greenwich Theatre

This child friendly show has balloons of all shapes and sizes, floaty electronic music and lots of audience participation.

Rise and Fall is a musically poetic and intriguing show aimed at a young audience about holding on and letting go. This was our second time viewing the performance as we had stumbled upon it at the Royal Opera House Dots Day in the spring and after seeing how delighted to toddler was the first time around – we just had to return for an encore.

When entering the theatre we were greeted by the protagonist resting against a large white balloon. “She’s sleeping mummy!” said the toddler as we found our seats. Once we were settled, we began to explore the balloon ecosystem alongside the now awake main character the show.

There are no words in Rise and Fall . Just graceful movements, elegant dance moves and plenty of floating balloons all brought together by the sound of the dreamiest accompanying music. A perfect invitation to let your imagination weave its own story.

The single performer, Stefanie Sommer, is a delight to watch as she curiously explores the magical rubber orbs filled with helium and surrounding her on the stage really work. She has impressive balloon wielding skills as none of the ones she manipulates ever escape her grasp (or pop with a loud bang). 

Little people are curious and want to get involved and as the show went on the toddlers migrated to the front of the stage. It was a treat to watch them as they gaped in awe and anticipation wanting their own balloons to explore but not quite daring to make the first move on to the stage. To their delight, after the 40 minute show, children and their parents are invited on stage to immerse themselves in the performance and dance alongside the balloons, get tangled in them and giggle at them and the lack of gravity.

Exploring on the stage

A brilliant experience for little people and a meditative piece for the adults.

Rise and Fall is one of several shows by Page One Theatre, they are currently touring throughout the UK, check their website here for further info and bookings.

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