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Immersive Storytelling on World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, 5 March 2020, Thrive LDN has partnered with Discover Children’s Story Centre and Bloomsbury Publishing to live stream storytelling sessions designed for children aged four to seven years old.

The stories will aim to encourage parents, carers and educators throughout all of London’s primary schools to start conversations around the subject of mental health. The immersive storytelling performance of the children’s book Ruby’s Worry is a great way to build resilience from a young age.

The storytelling performances will for around 20 minutes, with another 25 minutes for craft and drawing activities to aid discussion with young children about the story. Explore a quick review of the book and more information and feedback about the story telling sessions based on Perfectly Norman.

How to take part in the live stream

The live stream will be available here from 2pm on Thursday, 5 March which is World Book Day 2020.

The live performance is being professionally broadcast from the Tramshed Theatre, Greenwich and schools are encouraged to broadcast the performance into classrooms or assembly halls, with a recommended group of up to 60 children aged 4-7 years old. Previous performances have also involved parents and carers.

Ruby’s Worry craft activities

To aid discussion with young children about the story, Bloomsbury has prepared two craft activities to get young children thinking about the context of the story.

The Ruby’s Worry activity pack can be downloaded and printed for use via the following link.

Register your interest via the following link and receive further information about the Discover Storytelling event here.

We are also encouraging schools to share any photos from the afternoon on social media using #WorldBookDay and #ThriveLDN.

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