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School for Creative Thinkers launches #AlphabetofBuildings Colouring and Activity Series

School for Creative Thinkers (SfCT) has launched some fun and creative online content, including free weekly architecture and design activities and its popular Nature’s Architects Workshop.

Aimed at inspiring the next generation of architects, engineers and designers, the School for
Creative Thinkers creates hands-on design and build courses, workshops and activities for
children aged between 4 years and 11 years.

Each activity is designed to inspire creativity and improve design skills and innovation by encouraging
children to learn through making, creating and collaborating. Launching this week is an #AlphabetofBuildings colouring and activity series. Each week SfCT will be revealing a new building for children and their families to discover, learn about and colour in together.

Speaking about the new online content, Melissa Woolford, founder and director of SfCT said: “We
want to stay connected with our family community so we’ve designed online resources and activities for families to use at home. We will be uploading weekly architecture and design resources as well as an exciting Alphabet of Buildings Colouring and Activity series.”

Alphabet of Buildings Colouring Series

From A for the Acropolis to Z for Zizkov and Eiffel Tower, London Eye and Sydney Opera House in-
between, children will be inspired by this alphabetical tour of buildings from around the
world. Children will love colouring in the buildings and completing the entire series as well as
building their knowledge about the different building styles. Follow @school_for_creative_thinkers on Instagram or visit the website.

Nature’s Architects Online Workshop

SfCT brings its popular workshop into your home! Join an online group and learn all about the incredible building activities of animals – from the nest weaving of birds to the cellular structures of bees – and the buildings they inspire. Taught over four weeks, including a weekly ‘make it at home’ activity. Visit the website to find out more and to book.

Thursday Creativity Time

Every Thursday SfCT is uploading a free weekly activity. All the content encourages screen-free hands-on creativity and playful fun inspired by the built environment. Download a simple dot-to-dot of the London skyline and see how many landmarks can you name, learn all about the colour wheel, make your own, and cut out and create a City of Your Imagination. Follow @school_for_creative_thinkers on Instagram to access the free activities or visit to find out more.