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Eva Rothschild sculpture at Lewis Cubitt Park

Got to love the Kings Cross development and now there is an amazing new permanent sculpture from artist Eva Rothschild.

My World and Your World by Eva Rothschild is an ideal work of art at the top of Lewis Cubitt Park (right in front of the fountains in Lewis Cubitt Square where PlayKX used to do creative outdoor play sessions for kids).

Abstract and colourful, the 16 metre steel sculpture has taken inspiration from the natural world. It could be one of those strange head scratchers that make your whole body tingle or it could be a spider, a tree or a stick insect. 

It has a strange and playful optical illusion effect with the bold colours used which concede the eye and split the solid structure into parts. We named the colours, saw our reflection stare back at us in the shiny black and tried to topple the spider over (before he poos on your head mummy).

Rothschild describes the piece as a ‘social sculpture’, an invitation to explore the park, and a place at which to meet friends, have a play or a picnic. We certainly had a play – we ran around it, through it, over it, tried to push it over, tried to hide behind it and settled underneath it to admire the clouds. 

We lie down beneath the tangle of steel branches and the city belongs to us. The sculpture allows us to carve out this new space for ourselves. We don’t just look, we are active within it.’

Eva Rothschild

My World and Your World is part of the art programme, The King’s Cross Project.

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