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One Day in Wonderland at The Pelican House pop-up Theatre

Carroll's childlike love of life is showcased through this captivating family production which kept this young Londonder engaged from the get go.

A new pop-up theatre has arrived in Hackney and we were there for it. Initially arriving at The Pelican House we were a little unsure as to what to expect. We ordered a children’s bag with popcorn, organic juice and fittingly a strawberry jam tart (all of that for £2 felt like incredible value).

The stage

When it was time to take our seats I felt a bit anxious as the pop-up theatre is outside with lots of urban noises (a train here, a loud motorbike there) chiming in and I wasn’t sure whether the performance would keep my transport enthusiastic four year old’s attention. I couldn’t be more wrong. As soon as the piece started we were ordered our phones out of sight and soon enough immersed ourselves in the production.

The brilliance in this theatre piece is not through the staging or elaborate costumes but through the incredible actors which bring the experience to life. The use of humour, the makeshift props, the combination of a digital screen and real life acting as well as the amusing improv, all blend together to create something magical with different layers for audience members to understand and admire.

The Cheshire Cat brought to us via a Digital Screen.

Expect to be taken on a journey to Wonderland and to experience a wacky, bonkers world that remains faithful to the spirit of Lewis Caroll’s writing. Discover whether Humpty was pushed or fell, join in with a mad tea party and dance along with the Red Queen.

The children in the audience were engaged throughout the show, getting involved with the characters (shouting out the answers) and getting up to dance with the cast. It was lovely to see and the makeshift pop-up theatre just adds to the mad charm.

The kid was particularly taken with the red queen (he was wearing red and formed a connection) and he sang away some of the tunes and spoke of show long after the performance ended citing ‘off with his head’ to passers by on the drive home.

One Day in Wonderland live show is finished but will be available as a digital download during August for the Edinburgh Fringe

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