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Bactrian camels groomed in the summer heat at ZSL London Zoo

Bactrian camel Genghis got the hump yesterday at ZSL London Zoo – as zookeepers gave the moulting camel a helping hand on the hottest day of the year so far.  

Zookeepers Mick Tiley and Jessica Young gave Genghis and his stablemate Noemie a brush in the sunshine yesterday, removing 5.8kg of fur to help keep the duo cool in the soaring temperatures.  

But while Noemie luxuriated in the pampering – enjoying a tasty snack during the quick brush down – Genghis wasn’t quite so impressed.  

Mick said: “Camels moult naturally once a year and Genghis and Noemie were about halfway through theirs, so while we were cleaning their paddock we helped finish it off for them. 

“Noemie loved it, and snacked on some tasty leaves while we gave her a good brush – however, like all youngsters having a haircut, there was a certain amount of grumbling and Genghis didn’t hold back in showing me how unimpressed he was!” 

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