Celebrate National Steak Day with Le Petit Beefbar

April 25th marks National Steak Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the juicy, mouth-watering meat that has become a staple of many menus around the world. However, as more people are becoming conscious of the impact of meat consumption on the environment and animal welfare, a new option has emerged: plant-based steak.

Le Petit Beefbar, a London restaurant known for its high-quality meat dishes, has added the Redefine Beef Flank in Steak Frites & Sauce to their menu. This vegan steak is made using plant-based proteins such as soy and pea, and perfectly mimics the texture and flavour of a real steak. The dish is topped with Le Petit Beefbar’s signature steak sauce, made with butter, herbs, truffle and extract of the “Sauce Originale Relais de Paris”.

Redefine Meat, the creators of this new-meat, are pioneers in the field of 3D printed plant-based meat. Their mission is to provide delicious meat alternatives that are good for the environment and kind to animals. With industry leaders and chefs such as Marco Pierre White championing this new-meat, it’s clear that plant-based options are not only becoming more common but also more delicious.

So, this National Steak Day, why not consider trying out a plant-based option like the Redefine Beef Flank? It’s a great way to indulge in the steak experience while being mindful of the impact of our food choices.

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