Learn to Cook in 5 Days: Cookery School at Little Portland Street Launches Crash Course to Tackle Cost of Living Crisis

Cookery School at Little Portland Street has launched a 5-day crash course to support people during the cost of living crisis and ensure better long-term nutrition. The course is designed to teach and inspire people to cook, build culinary confidence and master the basic principles of cooking. The intensive program includes 30 hours of teaching over 5 days.

The cost of living crisis has led to a decline in dining out, with a 5.6% drop in spending last month [March 2023], meaning more people are having to cook at home to save money. A YouGov survey from 2022 shows that over 5 million people across the UK are unable to cook a single meal from scratch without a recipe.

Cooking skills have become inconsistent due to changing school curriculums in recent years, as well as cultural changes such as an increase in consumption of takeaways and ready-to-eat foods. The Crash Course in Learning to Cook aims to address this issue by teaching people the necessary skills to cook healthy, varied meals at home.

Founder of Cookery School, Rosalind Rathouse said, “Without confidence in your own ability and an understanding of the basic principles of cooking, we cannot feed ourselves properly, cook a varied diet or pass on skills to future generations. We aim to change this for the better with our Crash Course in Learning to Cook.”

The Cookery School’s crash course is located in London’s west end and promises to equip individuals with the knowledge and ability to create healthy meals on a budget.

For more info or to book on to courses visit www.cookeryschool.co.uk

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