Jungle Book: Reimagined at Sadler’s Wells

Jungle Book reimagined is a spectacular dance-theatre production that brings Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale to life in a unique and captivating way. Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Akram Khan has once again proven his creative genius by reinventing the story of Mowgli through the eyes of a climate refugee. This show explores themes of belonging, connection, and respect for nature, all of which are presented with an energy and urgency that will leave audiences feeling inspired.

The show’s sustainability focus is evident in every aspect of its production. The world on stage is brought to life through state-of-the-art animation and visuals by YeastCulture, which minimizes the need for physical sets, making it easy for the company to tour more sustainably. The physical set is also designed with sustainability in mind, made of cardboard boxes provided by each tour venue. This environmentally conscious approach reflects the show’s theme of respect for the natural world.

The original score by Jocelyn Pook is mesmerizing, perfectly capturing the mood of each scene. The ten international dancers are phenomenal, their movements bringing the animal characters of the production to life in a way that is both powerful and graceful. The script, delivered in voiceover, is by writer and actor Tariq Jordan, and the dramaturgy by Sharon Clark of theatre company Raucous, both of whom have done an outstanding job of weaving together the various elements of the show.

Overall, Jungle Book reimagined is a must-see production that will appeal to all ages. The Family Wraparound Activities before the performance provide a great opportunity for audiences to engage with the show and deepen their understanding of its themes. This show is not just entertainment; it is a call to action, a warning of what the future may hold if we do not learn to live in harmony with nature. Akram Khan and his team have created a stunning work of art that is both timely and timeless.

Jungle Book reimagined  is on at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, EC1R 4TN from Tuesday 4 – Saturday 15 April 2023
Tickets: £15 – £55
Ticket Office: 020 7863 8000 or